Leadership development is one of our flagship programs that we pride in that it gives a voice to young people.

We support them in acquiring the leadership potential they need in all spheres of life. Using a youth-led approach, all projects are designed and led by the young people themselves. We focus both on individual skills, but also group and teamwork abilities, which are fundamental to a young person’s success. The activities we offer seek to empower, raise aspirations, enable participation and voice and advance young leadership. The sessions are highly interactive and involve fun games.

Youth Social Action program

From 3 February-10march

Active Horizons is proud to be part of the #iwillcampaign, to unlock opportunities for young people to engage in social action activities. W pledge to deliver youth-led social action projects that will be lasting change.

We will offer practical training in

  • leadership, presentation skills,
  • Campaign skills,
  • Media skills and
  • Confidence building.

We seek to encourage young people to take action on issues that they care about in their community. This can be either through volunteering or fundraising.

As part of your involvement, you will receive loads of skills and volunteer expenses and Time Credits vouchers all to unlock opportunities.

 Time table Program is for 6 sessions, taking place online every Wednesday 5-6pm. From 3 February- 10March 202. How to apply?

Benefits of engaging in our Leadership Program

Above acquiring leadership and employment skills, our participants have the chance to visit influential leaders in the private, public and voluntary sector and to establish valuable contacts through our network. So far, we have trained 300 young people.

The following activities are run as part of the Young Leadership program:
  The program is open to young people between the age of 11-18 and 19-25 years. Workshops are offered for these age groups separately. To participate in the leadership program, please send us a message or sign up on our booking page.  

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