Call for Volunteer Mentors for our Young Entrepreneurs

Are you an adult and would like to make a difference in young peoples' lives?

We are looking for individuals  to mentor young people who have joined our young entrepreneurs programs. We have a cohort of young people with their business and ideas that we are currently supporting to make their dreams a reality. We are currently offering workshops on business support and developing their ideas. As part of this, we will be offering mentoring to enhance their capacity. 

Help us, help the young people by dedicating your precious time to support them achieve their entrepreneurial journey.

We are on a mission to build a resilient young people and believe that this can only be achieved through taking a combined effort from individual, groups and communities form across sectors.

Opportunity date by 16 August 2020.


About the Program

We have cohort of 17 young people who just been accepted on our young entrepreneurs program, starting this summer 2020. Of recent young people’s issues have constantly been changing and our young people are becoming more proactive and entrepreneurial as ever, but they lack the support. As such we have set up a new Young Entrepreneurs Program called “I Can”, to enable young people achieve their dreams.

What we are looking for

With industry expert in business start up and entrepreneurship in various industries.

the Our young people are set to set up their businesses in the following areas, 

Graphic Designing, Gaming and technology, Food business, Teaching Languages, Arts, Coding, Marketing, Baking, Social Media, Fashion, Property investment, Catering the list is endless. 

Profile of young Enterprenuers

This is a snippet of businesses young people are developing. This also gives you a guide on exactly how you can give support. 

Young Entrepreneurs Profile brief

About Mentoring
  • Mentoring is Key to Success and helps change lives. It encourages young people, raise their aspirations and help them navigate during difficult times in transitions
  • We aim to achieve positive outcomes to improve confidence, raise awareness of opportunities available to young people, have a clear plan for their ideas/businesses, improve positive relations.

Purpose of Role

  • To provide support and assistance to young people (aged 11-17 years) who are enrolled on our Entrepreneurs Programs.
  • To motivate the young people to pursue excellence in areas of their personal and entrepreneurial journal
  • You will go through an Enhanced DBS form because we are working with young people.


  • One-hour meeting for up to three session that will take place online
  • Planning time prior meeting for up to one hour
  • Be able to attend an online induction training for mentors for 1½ hours.

Be available for Evaluation meeting with the Project Manager

Apply to be a mentor now

Volunteer Mentors- JD

2) Complete a mentoring form

Please take 7 minutes to fill in this application form. The information that you supply will help us match you to the right opportunities.

Once you have filled in this form, we will be in touch to welcome you to Active Horizons and discuss next steps.

If you have any issues with this form, please contact 

Have you gained valuable life and career experiences and feel like you want to give part of it back to a young member of the community?

We are looking for adult mentors who can support a young person in their career plans and personal development. You will be part of the team and should bring a listening ear, enthusiasm and empathy. The time commitment is flexible, but can be as little as four hours per month.

If you are interested and would like to speak more about this program please email on: