Feeling weary? You can talk to someone!

Are you struggling with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions?

It is okay to ask for help.

We want to make sure you get support to overcome life’s difficulties. You can call every Monday call between 4-6pm to speak to someone who is professional and friendly. We are here because they want to help.

  • Your health and mental well being is important and we are dedicated to providing a cultural specific therapeutic service to young people from the African and Caribbean background. 

We aim  to improve the wellbeing, mental health, self-confidence, self-esteem of young people by supporting them in dealing in this current challenging environments.


How do I get support.

You can call or text on 07542942418 and speak to our professional staff who are happy to listen to you. 


Also, you can get involved in therapeutic group activities such as Yoga, Exercises, Walk therapies.